Do you have any questions about the service?

What is Eelp!?

We are a company thought for cosmopolitan people who don’t have time available. We manage all your personal services for you to enjoy more free time.

Delegate all your daily needs, through the App, and do not worry about anything. An Eelper will be in charge of coordinating the best services, when you need them, and where you need them. We work 365 days a year.

How much does Eelp! cost?

The personal service of Eelp! costs now € 29 / month if you want to be assisted from Monday to Friday during working hours (09.00-18.00), € 49 / month if you want to receive assistance from Monday to Sunday until midnight (08.00-24.00) except national holidays, or € 149 / month if you also want to include direct calls with your Eelper!.

Once you are a member, each service you request will have its price, for example, a physiotherapist at your own home  costs different from the shopping at the supermarket. The Eelper will always inform you through the chat of the App about the price of each professional or service you request and you will have to confirm it in the App before hiring it. Each service is invoiced independently.

Who are the Eelpers?

They are employees of Eelp!, enthusiastic about dealing with people. From our central offices, they are responsible for solving the daily needs of our clients by proposing the best service in each case. You will be able to see their profiles in the App every time they serve you.

What kind of service can I request from Eelper?

Everything you may need, except for activities considered illegal by the Spanish State.

Home related, such as dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, cleaning, supermarket, arrangements, running errands…

Related to the car, such as washing it at home or taking it to a car wash, putting gas, taking it to the repair shop or repair it, change the battery in the garage, pass the ITV (Vehicle Inspection Test)  change the tires…

Related to your pet and its care while you are travelling, walk it…

Related to the care of children and elderly people, at home, in the hospital, finding a teacher…

Related to your personal beauty, like manicure, hairdressing or laser hair removal at home…

Related to your well-being like physiotherapy, yoga, meditation, personal trainer…

Related to professional services such as a lawyer, a credit counselor, writing a contract…

Related to services for cosmopolitan people, with activities such as searching for a rental apartment…

Everything you need.

Eelp! is always selecting the best specialized suppliers who will always offer you an exceptional service at the desired location and time. And if you have a favorite professional, we also have it in mind.

How do I place an order?

From the chat of the App our Eelpers are waiting to assist you. They will consult you the details to be able to offer you the most suitable solution to your need.

How is payment made?

Payment is made by credit card through the App and is only made once the service is accepted. You can rest easy, our payment system through the app is totally secure. In order to guarantee your security we avoid storing any banking data. The data are transmitted securely through the Banc de Sabadell’s payment gateway that complies with the international PCI security standard. All credit cards are accepted.

When can I use Eelp!?

We are open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., sundays and holidays included…

Where is it available?

We currently operate only in Barcelona. Would you like Eelp to be in your city? Send us an email to smile@eelp.com indicating which city you live in and we will let you know when we are there.

I am a professional, how can I work with Eelp!?

Send us an email to our email address smile@eelp.com  listing your experience, references, and other personal data in order to contact you.

I have more questions...

For additional questions, please contact us at smile@eelp.com.